BGM and Zeroscape rock the EAC

13:28 July 17th, 2007

zeroscapeIt was 10th july, Commander Kosick, Gidi and a friend of him Markus visit Captain Borsti in Freiberg. This evening there was a semester finish party in the EAC in Freiberg. We didn’t know the band “Zeroscape” live on stage this night, but the description sounds great so we decided to drink 1 till 11 beer an couple of rum an then go there. After our bulk purchase of alc gidi dropped the bottle of rum just a few meters after the shop exactly beside a bus stop. The bottle explodes an I think the waiting people get a bit drunk of the vaporized rum. So Gidi has to run back to shop and buy another. We did a little break in our office of the student body of faculty to drink the rest of the beers an the rum.cola mixture.
It was about 9PM when we arrived at the EAC where some funny guys played with a haggisag. Gypson, who we met at the office, thought he recognized one as the singer of the band. And after a few minutes as the ball was fallen in a hedge we startet to push Gidi in the hedge too, to find the ball ;) . Nad suddenly we stand around with the guys, especially with the bassist Salamonn who told us funny storys about their party in czech. We told him about our famous drinking club “Braunglasmafia” and maybe he and the other band members Binski, Speshalizt and Jizzle will join us. About an hour later the concert starts and all guests start to rock the house by every trick in the book. Markus falls down two times and slash up his arm. Now enough blood was in the game. Commander Kosick bounced his wrist. But we couldn’t stop dancing and headbanging to this great music, A great mixture out of Reggae and Metal.
After the concert and one encore Jizzle presented Borsti one of his drumsticks. (I realized only at the next morning that this was a carbon-stick – Thanks Jizzl!!!) Gypson bought a CD signed and dedicated to the “Braunglasm(i)afia” ;)

It was a great night and we ended up in the backstage area with the band and the food until we get a phonecall from markus who was out for while to get some fresh air and the security didn’t let him in again, aybe because of hist blooding arm. So he tried to find home… undtil e was hopelessly lost in freiberg. At 2AM we had to go and find Markus
We found him and went home.

What a great night.

Greetinmgs to Zeroscape “AYAYAYAYAY”
We hope you come again soon.
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by macborsti